Sunday, August 23, 2009

IF - Caution

As luck would have it, my current project is a caution-themed video game that I'm working on. It's a platform-style game where, as the main character, you have to escape from a factory filled with dangerous, obstacles, and challenging levels. So far I've illustrated most of the various parts and I'm working on building and coding the levels. It's a Flash game, programmed in AS3. The plan is to have over 30 levels. I've got the first three done so far.
So for this week illustration, I thought I would showcase my main character and a screenshot from the actual game.

Until, I release the game, I have to keep the title a secret, but I would love some help with the main characters name. Right now I'm referring to him as 'Sal' since 'Mario' is taken, but I'm open to any comments and suggestions.

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